Prospective Educator Scholarship Fund Applicants Announced

NCPDK is Committed to Supporting Future Educators

NC Phi Delta Kappan would like to congratulate the following students for applying for the NCPDK Prospective Educator Scholarship:

  1. Assata Parkins
  2. Danielle Wilson
  3. Emily Yontz
  4. Tyler Brownlee
  5. Briana Crumley
  6. Samantha Chester
  7. Hailey Baskin
  8. Christina Perez
  9. Megan Munson
  10. Taylor Dunham
  11. Samiara Waters
  12. Alyssa Douglas
  13. Colleen Locklear
  14. Madison Hopper
  15. Margaret Dillon
  16. Zoar Flores Sanchez
  17. Alaina Dennis
  18. Samantha Sgavicchio
  19. Rachelle Farrior
  20. Amber Carter
  21. Erika Traywick
  22. Eric Rhodes
  23. Alicia Williams
  24. Margaret Carpenter
  25. Kaitlyn Langley
  26. Isaac Forsgren
  27. Louise Brady

NCPDK is proud to offer an opportunity to sponsor the future learning plan of one of these applicants. We encourage all the applicants to pursue their teaching careers and commit to building a strong education program in North Carolina.

We will make an announcement about the award results May 15th! Please continue to refer back for results!



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