Meet our Presenters for our Oct 21 Event!

Join us October 21 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm for the second in our series on Digital Leadership!

This event will be hosted at the Friday Institute on the campus of NC State University.


John is the principal of Discovery High School in Newton-Conover Schools. He has been a 6-12 ELA teacher and school administrator. He advocates using social media to promote best school practices and change teaching and learning.  He is firm believer in the promise of project-based learning and authentic assessment, and the place technology has in education. In addition he is passionate believer in the promise of public education. In this session, participants will get a quick overview of apps and techniques for making the most of technology to get organized. This session includes a quick review of useful mobile device apps, web apps, and desktop apps that can help even most disorganized get organized.

John’s session is Organizational Hacks and Tech Ideas for the School Leader.


Dr. Jake Henry is the Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation for Guilford County Schools.

Jakes’ session is Training Digital Leaders. 

During Jake’s session he will discuss the importance of flexibility and adaptability when implementing change.  Guilford County Schools was the recipient of a multi-million dollar Race to the Top federal grant and Jake can talk about some of the challenges associated with wide-scale reform efforts and the varying degrees of knowledge in teachers and principals.

Join us on our Learning Journey for dinner and great professional conversation!  Register here.


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