The Need for 21st Century Skills

21st_Century_SkillsAs President of the PDK State Chapter of North Carolina, I am pleased that our governing board has chosen Digital Leadership as the theme for three upcoming sessions we are hosting across the state. Digital leaders from K12 and university levels will share their experiences leading those they serve with 21st Century tools. They will also share how they are utilizing 21st Century tools in classrooms and schools to assure that students are prepared for their future instead of our past!

Our students NEED 21st Century skills to be successful. All that we learn from our students personally and read about them collectively in articles and research tells us how different today’s students are as a result of being born into a digital world. They are digital natives, and we must meet them where they are if we want them to learn the curriculum that will make them college and career ready. Our students face a very different world economy from the one most of their teachers and principals faced upon high school graduation. High levels of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are required to be successful. The world has shifted, and we in education must shift also.

Screen shot 2011-01-23 at 9.30.06 PMPhil Schlechty once posed a question to a group of superintendents in the Schlechty Superintendents’ Network. The question was “what is wildly important to you?” He also suggested that if we could provide 21st Century learning-centered classrooms, schools, and school districts for our students, many other targets would be met as well. Assuring that school leaders have the skills needed to serve our students at the highest levels and to prepare our students to be successful in today’s world is “wildly important” to me, and I believe it is “wildly important” that we all do our part to get us where we need to be in this endeavor. Our children’s lives and our nation’s future are at stake.

schooling-for-the-futurePlease join us this fall in Greensboro, Raleigh, or Charlotte. In fact, we would love to see you at all three events. You will find registration information on this website. We hope to see you soon!


Post by Dr. Donna Peters, President of NC Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa


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